Michel Padrón is a Cuban/British musician, educator, trumpeter, trombonist, composer, arranger and music producer.

He is currently very active in the UK jazz scene, being one of the most significant exponents of Latin Jazz in the nation.He also performs in the whole UK with bands and groups playing various music genres.

Michel Padrón is also a fervent believer in the existence of Cuban Jazz; a concept that is neither widespread nor understood, but which l have consolidated roots about the relevance of the Caribbean Island's Identity in this universal musical genre.

Padrón also performs throughout Europe, with various musical projects. He records and produces music both in his home studio and in various big and renowned studios in  UK and Spain; he records whole brass sections for artists and bands from all over the world who request his services.

After many years working as the band leader & music director of the Latin band Asere,
he has been in  two tours around USA leading a bigger project, ASERE &  THE HAVANA CUBA ALL STAR.(2016 & 2019).His project  ASERE has a renowned career over 22 years in the world music scene with collaborations with Billy Cobham , Cesaria Evora and Toto la Momposina among others.

Michel Padron is also  teacher of Brass and Piano/ Keyboards at the North Somerset Music Service, an educational division of the North Somerset Council , and teaches in several primary and secondary schools in the region.Recently Bristol Music Trust, a division of Bristol Beacon, has also now enlisted Padrón's services. Michel teaches primary school childrens , in small cornet ensembles, their first steps in music.

He is also still working on his first Solo project where his unique trumpet sound will merge with different grooves & styles. 


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