Michel Padrón is undoubtedly one of the most versatile musicians of his generation, excelling as a trumpeter, educator, composer, arranger, and music producer. 

Born into an artistic family in Havana, Cuba, in 1976, Michel's musical journey began at the age of 8 when he started learning the piano. Two years later, he found his true passion in the trumpet, which became his primary instrument. 

His exceptional talent as a young trumpet player garnered numerous awards, leading him to be admitted to the prestigious Amadeo Roldan Conservatory. Michel graduated in 1995, and his outstanding achievements at the conservatory earned him a place in the renowned National Symphony Orchestra of Cuba, where he performed until 2004. He later joined the Opera and Ballet Symphony Orchestra of the Gran Teatro de La Habana, remaining there until 2007. 

Throughout his career, Michel has received recognition not only for his work as a trumpeter in the classical music scene but also for his collaborations and performances worldwide with artists from various backgrounds and music genres. He has shared the stage with esteemed musicians such as Billy Cobham, Cesaria Évora, Toto la Momposina, Jaques Morelenbaun, Seckou Keita, Chucho Valdés, Leo Brower, Claudio Abbado, Sir George Martin, Omara Portuondo, Gran Big Band del Cabaret Tropicana, Mariano Cívico, Alexis Lefevre, Germán López, ASERE, AMJ Collective, Dockside Latin Orchestra, Astra Bría, and many more. 

Michel has graced the stages of numerous Jazz and World Music festivals across Europe, America, Asia, and Africa, performing in over 20 countries. His talents have been recorded on independent and recognized labels such as Putumayo, BMG, and Warner, collaborating with artists from all continents. 

As a composer, Michel's work has been featured in films, TV shows, teleplays, documentaries, commercials, short films, and theaters in Cuba, Spain, the United Kingdom, Germany, and other countries. 

In a recent notable involvement, Michel Padron served as the lead trumpet player in recording part of the soundtrack for the blockbuster film "007 No Time to Die." 

He is actively involved in the UK jazz scene and is widely regarded as a significant figure in Latin Jazz within the nation. Additionally, he performs with bands and groups across various music genres throughout the UK and Europe. 

In addition to his performing career, Michel teaches brass and piano at the North Somerset Music Service, an educational division of the North Somerset Council. He shares his knowledge and passion for music with students in several primary and secondary schools in the region.

 Michel Padron is actively involved in the musical cultural life of Bristol and the South West of England. Projects, such as “ Michel Padron/Jim Blomfield Latin Jazz Quintet”, “Bristol Salsa Orchestra” (BSO), and “Saoco Collective”, among others .


“Michel Padron/Jim Blomfield Latin Jazz Quintet” seems to combine the talents of both Michel Padron and Jim Blomfield to create a fusion of Latin jazz sounds. It's great to see such a project making its mark in the vibrant music scene of Bristol. 

“Bristol Salsa Orchestra (BSO)”. A thrilling ensemble that showcases the lively and infectious rhythms of  Salsa. The BSO provides fantastic performances that get people dancing and enjoying the vibrant atmosphere. Bristol Salsa Orchestra is emerging as a leading salsa dura orchestra in the UK, delivering high-quality performances and capturing the authentic essence of Salsa. The success of BSO  not only showcases the talent and dedication of the musicians but also highlights the multicultural nature of the music scene in Bristol and the wider region. It creates opportunities for cultural exchange and appreciation, bringing people from different backgrounds together through a shared love for Latin music.

Saoco Collective truly sounds like an exceptional Latin band on the British music scene. Their commitment to originality with an 80% original compositions in the repertoire sets them apart and showcases their dedication to creating a unique musical experience.

 Their growing presence and popularity before the hiatus are a testament to their talent and the impact they were making in the city. 

The band's ability to create an enjoyable atmosphere makes them versatile performers. Whether listeners are seeking to dance, immerse themselves in Latin Jazz, experience the energy of Instrumental Salsa, or simply enjoy a solid and vibrant musical performance that Saoco Collective delivers. Their quality and versatility make them worthy of performing not only at Jazz festivals worldwide but also in hidden and renowned nightclubs in major cities such as New York, London, Berlin, Paris, and even Havana, the birthplace of Latin music.

Overall, it's clear that Michel Padron's involvement in these projects reflects his passion for music and his dedication to contributing to the thriving music scene in Bristol and the South West of England. With rave reviews from specialist critics, it's evident that his work is leaving a strong impression and resonating with audiences. It's exciting to see musicians like Michel Padron enriching the cultural landscape and contributing to the vibrant musical community of the region.

Furthermore, Michel is currently working on his first solo project, where his unique trumpet sound will merge with different grooves and styles. Fans can already enjoy his track "Moon Street" on the music tab, and he plans to release more songs from his upcoming solo album in the near future.